How To Upload YouTube Shorts from PC and Laptops

The Youtube application is a type of application that is already familiar to smartphone and PC users. This application is one of the most popular types of video service provider applications to date. As time goes by, Youtube is growing following consumer trends, by launching several new features.

One of the newest features today is Youtube Shorts. This feature allows us to watch or upload short videos to YouTube. Youtube Shorts have a form that is almost similar to Instagram Stories on the Instagram application. Currently, maybe most people only know that Youtube Shorts can only be made via smartphone devices.

For some people, of course, they don't know that actually video shorts on the YouTube channel can also be uploaded via a PC/computer. This is because the PC version of YouTube doesn't have a "Create video shorts" button like the one on the smartphone version of YouTube. So, for you content creators who want to upload your video shorts via PC, don't worry. Read also YouTube Tests New Product Tags for Shorts

On this occasion, we will provide a simple tutorial on how to upload YouTube shorts videos via a PC device. The steps can be seen below.

How To Upload YouTube Shorts from PC and Laptops

How To Upload YouTube Shorts from PC and Laptops

1. For those of you who already have a YouTube account, select the "Your Videos" menu in the settings section on the left. However, for those who don't have an account, please create an account first.

2. After that, point the mouse at the top right corner. Click “Create” and select “Upload Video”.

3. If so, a video upload page will appear. Select the video shorts you want to upload.

Note: the maximum duration of videos that can be used as YouTube shorts is 60 seconds. If it exceeds then the video is only considered as a normal video (not shorts).

4. Next, on the "details" menu, in the "description" column you must write #shorts at the beginning of the description. After that, then you can add a description as you wish on the next line. Read also 10 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps [PC, iOS, Android]

5. On the "details" menu, you don't need to fill in the "Playlist" column (because video shorts will automatically enter the short video playlist menu).

6. To make sure the video you uploaded is a shorts type video or not. Select the "Customization" menu. Then on the “layout” tab, the video should be in the short video playlist


This is a tutorial on How To Upload YouTube Shorts from PC and Laptops. This method is of course very helpful for you YouTube content creators who want to make video shorts, which you want to edit first via video software on your computer and then upload them. May be useful

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