10 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps [PC, iOS, Android]

Looking for apps that you can use for make you youtube shorts looks awesome? Dont misses this 10 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps [PC, iOS, Android] that you can use in your device.

Video editing apps for YouTube shorts are important assets for YouTubers. The video editing application will make the video display more attractive. Video editing applications will also make the content you upload look more professional. Read also Secret How To Get More Views on YouTube Shorts

Therefore, to edit YouTube videos, you need to have the right video editing application. What are the applications for editing YouTube videos? Here's the list.

Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps [PC, iOS, Android]


10 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps [PC, iOS, Android]

iMovie is the best video editing application for YouTube shorts, released by Apple. So, you iOS users can use this application to edit video content that will be uploaded on YouTube.

By using this application, you will easily synchronize with the Apple device you are using. So your editing work can be faster and more practical.

This application provides a variety of theme templates, filters, backgrounds, soundtracks, and audio effects that are very diverse. iMovie also supports green screen and split screen video editing. This application can even make video trailers from various templates with a charming animated appearance. Read this also 3 Ways to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing

2. Corel Video Studio

10 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps [PC, iOS, Android]

Next is Corel Video Studio. This video editing application is quite popular among YouTubers.

Corel Video Studio has many features such as video transitions, backsounds, effects, and filters. You can also use the template opening video from this application for free.

This application has a simple interface, so beginners don't need to worry, because this application is easy to use.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

Another application option that is also widely used by YouTubers is Adobe Premiere Elements. This video editing application for Youtube has complete features, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) which makes it easy for you to edit videos automatically.

You can use visual effects such as slow motion, overlay, timelapse, bounce back, and double exposure. There is also a fixed action cam footage feature that can help stabilize your video.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

10 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps [PC, iOS, Android]

Another video editing application for YouTube is Adobe Premiere Pro. This application has complete editing features, very suitable for those of you who are proficient at editing.

It has editing features such as low resolution, 8K to VR. Even though it is designed for professionals, it does not mean that beginners cannot use it. For beginners, you can still practice video editing using this application.

5. DaVinci Resolve

You can download this application for free using a Windows, MacOS, or Linux device. Even though it's free, DaVinci Resolve has many features suitable for editing YouTube shorts content.

Some of the features of the video editing application on this laptop include motion graphics, color corrector, visual effects, and audio mixing. This application also supports video editing with 8K resolution.

6. Shortcuts

Shotcut is a PC video editing application that you can rely on to beautify the appearance of YouTube shorts content. Shotcut has basic video editing features such as cut, trim, speed settings, filters, and effects.

The application also supports multi-track editing for video editing. This application can be installed on devices belonging to Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

7. Vimeo Create

Another best video editing application is Vimeo Create. This application is suitable for beginners, because it looks simple and easy to use.

Although simple, this application is quite reliable. There are several templates that can be used as a basis for video editing. You can also use free photos and images available in this application.

8. Pinnacle Studios

Pinnacle Studio can be the next choice of video editing application for YouTube. This application can make it easier for you to edit videos by using a variety of templates.

For you YouTuber gaming, this application is suitable to use because there is a screen recording feature. Pinnacle Studio can be installed on both Windows and MacOS devices.

9. KineMaster

To edit YouTube short videos, you don't have to use a PC or laptop. Because, currently there are many video editing applications for YouTube that can be accessed via Android, KineMaster is one of them.

This application is easy to use and of course free. Even though it's not paid, the features used are quite complete. You can add animation, text, photos, to adjust the audio and background in the video.

10. Filmora

Filmora can be an option for those of you who want to edit YouTube shorts videos. This application comes with a simple display and full features. You can edit videos with a resolution of up to 4K.

Another advantage of this application is that there are more than 100 transition effect templates. So for those of you who are still beginners, you don't need to be confused when editing videos with this application.

This video editing application for YouTube also comes with a special version for smartphones, called the FilmoraGo application. So you can edit your videos just using your smartphone and no need using laptop or PC.

Those are 10 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps [PC, iOS, Android] that you can choose from which best for you. The application is relatively easy and simple, so it is suitable for those of you who are just learning video editing.

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