How To Download Twitter Videos, Photos Using Telegram Bot

Are you looking for how to download twitter videos, photos using telegram bot? So youre in the right place.

Advances in technology have made exchanging messages easier to do, namely by using an instant messaging application on a smartphone.

One of the widely used applications is Telegram, which was released in 2013.

Download Twitter Videos, Photos Using Telegram Bot

For Telegram users, are you aware of bots?

This is because not a few Twitter users want to download the funny and interesting videos found on the homepage of the social media platform.

Maybe many of them don't know that Telegram bots can be used to download Twitter videos quickly and easily. Read also Why can't I change my profile picture on Instagram?

How do you download Twitter videos via the Telegram bot? Check it out in the review below!

Overview of Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging application, which focuses more on security and speed.

This application is designed to make it easier for users to exchange text, photos, videos, audio, and funny stickers.

The application is also end-to-end, so messages can only be seen by users, are not stored on the server, cannot be forwarded, and can be deleted immediately as desired. Read also How to do YouTube Keyword Research for Beginners

Other advantages offered by this application are as follows:

  • Can choose a theme
  • Can be used for free
  • Have a username
  • Provides more group members
  • Allows to create your own stickers
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Provide bot features, and others

Overview of Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot is a bot or robot designed in such a way as to carry out the instructions given by the user.

So this bot is a Telegram account, but it is operated by software that carries AI features.

This bot can do things according to the available commands, so it can be used as a link, search tool, teacher, reminder, integrater, downloader, and so on.

No need to install and without using a telephone number, because this robot can run on all platforms that support Telegram.

In order to interact with this bot, users only need to send certain commands or messages via the chat column.

Even Telegram provides openness and freedom for third parties who want to develop new bots.

It's no wonder that thanks to the presence of this smart robot, users are spoiled for convenience and very suitable to be used as a platform for programming to hone their skills.

Activities That Telegram Bot Can Do

Developers or third parties generally create robots that always end in the word 'bot' to make it easier for users to search.

This robot provides many services for users, for example:

  • Weather forecast notifications or alerts
  • Translate languages
  • Price reduction or increase notification
  • Download videos
  • formatting
  • Make payment transactions
  • Making games, and much more

So that only with this service, users can be integrated with various external services such as GIF bots, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, music, and so on.

Not only that, this robot can also help users find people who have conversations based on the same interests.

Collection of Twitter Video Download Bots on Telegram

Here's a row of robot names for downloading Twitter videos via Telegram!

  • This robot can not only be used to download videos, but can also be used to download photos to GIFs. With the username @twittervid_bot, here is the link
  • The second robot with the username @twitter_video_downloader_bot can also be used to download funny videos on Twitter. Here's the link
  • And last is a robot with the username @DownloadTwitbot which can also be used to download various selected videos into the gallery. Here's the link

How to Download Twitter Videos Via Telegram Bot

After knowing the bot link above, then you need to know how to download via the robot.

Check out the steps for downloading Twitter videos via Telegram BOT below!

  • Enter the Twitter app and log in with your account
  • Search for the content you want to download by using the search field and then typing in the keywords for the video
  • Select one of the content that you want to save
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the video
  • Click on the button at the far right (share button)
  • Tap the button and copy the video link
  • Open the Telegram application and log in using your account
  • Search for video download robots by Search, type Twitter video downloader and select one
  • If not, you can also use one of the links above
  • Open the robot account and click on the Start or Start button
  • Paste the previously copied link
  • Select video quality
  • A pop-up window will appear, click the Open button
  • Click on Download button
  • The download process will start automatically
  • Select a folder
  • Done

Advantages of Bots

There are several advantages, what can we get when using this bot, what are they?

Fast service

For those who want a quick response, this service is the right choice because it can provide answers right away.

No Need to Install

There is no need to install other applications to be able to use this service, making it more practical and saving storage memory.

Is Telegram BOT Safe to Use?

This robot service is likened to a chat opponent in a conversation, but the difference is that this service is not a human but a robot with AI features.

This robot can see a user's username, public name, and profile photo.

However, they can't see the user's phone number unless the user provided it.

This smart robot is safe to use, if you do not provide personal data such as codes, passwords, telephone numbers, account numbers and other important data.

But you also still have to be careful when opening files provided by robots, because it is not impossible that these files are traps to suck up personal data.

Thats all about how to download twitter videos, photos using telegram bot, hope you enjoy it!

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