How to Fix SD Card Won't Read /SD Card Cannot Read error On Smartphone and Computers

Your SD card won't Rread /SD Card Cannot read error on your smartphone and computers?

Are you facing any of the below errors when trying to access your SD card?

  1. Error 'The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.'
  2. Error 'SD card is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.'
  3. Error 'Read/ Write error on SD card.'
  4. Error 'Unable to read memory card.'
  5. Can't view SD card files
  6. SD card drive letter is missing
  7. Phone not detecting SD card

The problem of SD card becoming unreadable or not getting detected can occur on any device, be it PC, Mac, camera or Android phone. As a result, you are not able to open your photos, videos or other files on SD card. 

While using a microsd, there are several problems that often occur, one of the common problems is that the microsd cannot be read on smartphone and computers. As a result, if a microsd is attached to a cellphone, it cannot be used and no data can be read.

But you don't need to worry, to fix it, please see how to fix an unreadable microsd on the following smartphone and computers.

How to Fix SD Card Won't Read

How to Fix SD Card Won't Read 

Usually the damage that causes the SD card to be unreadable, whether it's on a PC or smartphone, can be caused by many things, ranging from abrasions on the copper part of the microSD, exposed to viruses and others.

To fix it, you can go through the microsd or format and check errors on the microsd. Read also How to Highly Compress Any File in an Android Mobile

Clean microsd

Microsd or sd card is a device that is small and very vulnerable to damage, especially on the brass or copper part of the top of the microsd. The copper part of the microsd is very sensitive from friction or being exposed to liquids.

To fix this, you can try removing the microsd from the cellphone, then slowly and carefully cleaning the brass or copper parts of the microsd.

Use cleaning media that is soft and smooth, such as cotton or tissue. Do not be too pressed when cleaning it.

Clean the memory slots

The memory slot on your cellphone could be the cause of the microsd being unreadable on a PC or computer. Usually the problem is dirt caused by dust or other dirt. The solution is of course to clean it.

The cleaning method is the same as cleaning the microsd above, it must be done carefully and slowly. Use a cloth or cleaning tool that is soft and smooth, such as cotton or tissue.

Reformat via PC or laptop

Even though the data on the microsd when connected is unreadable, usually the drive from the microsd will appear in your pc or laptop folder. To fix this, try reformatting the microsd.

However, the consequence is that all your data will be lost and cannot be returned.

Or if the microsd is read on a PC or laptop, but it is not read on your cellphone. So you can do a backup first on a PC or laptop, then format the SD card.

Check for errors on your PC or laptop

If you have done a number of the methods above and your SD or microSD card has been read, you must first check for errors on your PC or laptop. This method is done to check what errors are causing the microsd to be unreadable on a cellphone or computer.

The method is quite easy, please connect the SD card or microSD to your computer or laptop using a card reader, then enter Windows Explorer and right-click on the memory drive section, then select the Properties option.

Next, go to the tools tab and in the error checking section, press the check button with the shield icon, then check all files and click the start button.

Finally, you only need to wait for the process and later there will be a message of damage that has occurred, please follow the instructions given to fix the damage.

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