3 Step How to Fix YouTube Shorts Video Blurry When Playing

If your question Why Is My Youtube Shorts Quality So Bad, so you must 3 step how to fix YouTube shorts Video blurry when playing.

Problems and solutions fix Shorts videos blurry and blurry & not clear when played/uploaded to YouTube. So this happened to me also too when I uploaded Shorts to my YT channel, which had only fifteen thousand subscribers.

When you are going to upload a unique video to YouTube Shorts for the first time, the video quality is clear enough if you check it from the gallery on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, when successfully uploaded and played on YouTube, the video is very different in terms of quality which incidentally is worse, blurry and low quality, aka blurry. Read this also How to Fix YouTube Shorts Video Blurry When Playing

It's like if you describe it on a 1080p cellphone, but when uploaded it drops dramatically to 240p. Very annoying, isn't it? Of course, especially for big creators with hundreds of thousands of subscribers to millions of subscribers.

How to Fix YouTube Shorts Video Blurry When Playing

Causes of Video Shorts on YouTube Blur Blur

There are many reasons, but one of the most affecting is a slow internet connection.

We must admit, the internet affects the quality of videos uploaded on YouTube based on what is written by YT itself on the usage page.

But apart from the connection, it could also be because it takes a long time for the upload process to fully go into Shorts.

If you have a YouTube channel, you've experienced the oddity that the quality of uploaded videos can only play at 360p maximum, so that's part of the upload process.

And if the upload process is completely considered complete, the video quality can return to normal depending on how high the resolution you uploaded to your YouTube channel.

How to Fix YouTube Shorts Video blurry 

The initial treatment is to make sure the internet connection is stable, it doesn't need to be too fast, the important thing is it's stable. So that when uploading there are no drama jams, glitches, errors and so on.

Second, you can also check the recording camera on your cellphone again, is it maximum? Because the resolution when recording clearly determines how high the quality of the video that can be played.

As an alternative step, you can set your video playback preferences by changing the image quality in the settings or Settings in the YouTube application.

Our advice is to upload and play using WiFi, if the quality turns out to be clearer and better than when using a cellular data plan, it means that the problem is with the internet connection & network.

Or you can also use alternatives such as the YouTube Vanced application which is now very much used by Android smartphone users.

YouTube Shorts was built to compete with TikTok, just as Facebook and Instagram did when creating Reels. Short duration videos are more in demand by people even though there are many of them.

That's the guide on how to deal with blurry and blurry YouTube short videos when playing, so friends, you can practice the guide so that short videos in the future are even clearer.

Thats all 3 Step How to Fix YouTube Shorts Video Blurry When Playing, hope can help you for blurry video short.

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