Secret How To Get More Views on YouTube Shorts

Are dying try get more views on your youtube shorts? Here a secret revealed how To Get MORE Views on YouTube Shorts.

But before we reaveled the secret, firts you to know what is YouTube Shorts.

What is YouTube Shorts and How to Make One

YouTube Shorts is a new experience for watching and creating short and interesting videos directly from your smartphone. YouTube Shorts is a short-form video sharing platform offered by YouTube. The platform hosts user content just like YouTube's main service, but limits video cuts to 60 seconds. Since launch, YouTube Shorts have accumulated more than 5 trillion views

  • The form of these YouTube Shorts is.
  • Vertical videos are up to 60 seconds long
  • Easy and simple to make
  • Wide video coverage throughout the world

With a very wide range of users and simultaneously get a new viewing experience that is specially customized (recommendation). The videos presented also vary, ranging from interests, talents, comedy, education, technology, etc. Whether you're already a YouTube partner or just starting out, you can instantly reach and entertain new audiences with the video shorts maker tool. Read also 3 Ways to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing

In this shorts tool, creators can directly record and edit YouTube videos on smartphones or creators can directly upload previously edited videos by following the usual upload flow either on a smartphone or desktop.

In live video recording mode, creators can use a multi-segment camera to connect multiple videos at once. Not only that, creators can add music or sample songs that can be customized as well as YouTube videos that meet the requirements. After recording, you can edit the video directly from your smartphone to add some text and adjust the speed of the video, add filters, and much more.

Viewers can watch creatro's videos via the "Shorts" tab on the home page of the Youtube application or it can also be in the "Subscriptions" section, and can also be directly on the Channel creator home page. With the experience of watching separate video shorts, in providing a new experience in watching short videos that can be enjoyed.

How To Get More Views on YouTube Shorts

How to Make YouTube Shorts

  • When you have the YouTube app, creating a Short is one tap away.
  • When you land on the home screen, you'll see the "+" icon on the lower center navigation. Once you click it, you'll see "Create a Short" from the menu.
  • When you tap Create, it opens to a camera screen that allows you to:
  • Record segments of a 60-second clip or a full minute-long video.
  • Upload pre-created content from a camera roll.
  • Film a "short" with back or front-facing cameras.
  • Adjust video speed.
  • Set a recording timer.
  • Pick sounds for musical overlays.
  • Add filters and text.

How To Get MORE Views on YouTube Shorts

If you already have youtube short and having less view, there are several factors that cause it. In this case, the content you share, lack of optimization, or unattractive titles and too many hashtags. Presentation of original content is very influential in attracting the audience. Because repeated content (reupload) makes the audience bored. 

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Here How To Get more Views on YouTube Shorts that you can do with your youtube shorts to get more views.

  • Determine what kind of content you will share
  • Focus on making the first few seconds interesting, to keep viewers comfortable and keep videos short.
  • Playing video shorts uses the Loop system or repeatedly. So adjust the speed of the content and think about ways to make the content play back.
  • Relevant content by including trending moments, events, shows or songs. This is to categorize your video shorts into viewers who often watch the same video shorts.
  • Be authentic, or create short content in the form of behind-the-scenes looks, short stories about your personality, etc.
  • Create content that educates, entertains, and is fun. So that viewers are interested in watching other short videos.
  • Join the Youtube Shorts Community

In addition to the tips above, you can try. You can also review directly what kind of content is currently busy in the shorts community tab on YouTube or join other community forums. You can see what audio tracks, events, what songs are trending and what hashtags have the most views.

You can post video shorts on the main channel or create a new channel specifically for video shorts. If you want to post video shorts on the main channel, the video shorts section will appear on the channel's main homepage at the bottom to make it easier for viewers to distinguish short video content from regular, long video content.

So, that was the way to watch YouTube shorts a lot, and friends can apply and learn. Hopefully this article is useful for friends and adds to knowledge. Don't forget to support this blog in conveying other useful information by commenting and sharing this article and other articles.

Thats all about Secret How To Get MORE Views on YouTube Shorts, hope you success to bring more views on your youtube shorts.

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