This book makes Queen Elizabeth II sick of bone marrow cancer before she dies

The British people mourned earlier this year when the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, died on September 8, 2022. A new book reveals her courage in the face of deteriorating health conditions.

Quoting Hello Megazine news, Saturday (26/11/2022), Gyles Brandreth's monarchical biography entitled Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, which will be serialized on MailOnline, he wrote that he heard Queen Elizabeth II was battling bone marrow cancer or a type of bone marrow cancer called myeloma, and that she bravely faced the health condition during her final months.

In the book, Gyles Brandreth writes: "I've heard that the Queen has a form of myeloma - a cancer of the bone marrow - which would explain her fatigue and weight loss and the 'mobility problems' we talked about so much during this last year of her life."

Gyles was a close friend of the late Prince Philip, and he likely heard the information from members of the royal family.

The condition is incurable but there are several treatments that can extend life for many years.

Queen Elizabeth II faced mobility problems in the last months of her life, missing several royal events, including the Opening of the State Parliament, because of the illness.

His last official event was welcoming the new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, with a few discerning people spotting his weakness in photos from the meeting.

Queen Elizabeth II's official cause of death was stated to be old age, with the death certificate saying she had died at 3.10pm, before any of her family members could reach Balmoral.

Her eldest children, King Charles and Princess Anne were by their mother's side at the time of her death.

Other details in the book reveal that the Queen suffers from a medical condition called low energy following the death of her husband Prince Philip in 2021, and that she enjoys watching Line of Duty in her free time.

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