Fix “Windows 10 Update Stuck at 0” in 3 Easy Steps

Are you facing the “Windows 10 update stuck at 0” error? If yes, then you have landed on the very right article. Here you’ll get the complete guide to fix the “Windows 10 update stuck at 0” error in 3 easy steps. So read the article to the end. 

You may be facing this error because of not updating windows regularly, which causes bugs in your windows and can even crash your windows if you turn off your laptop or pc between the “Windows 10 update stuck at 0” error. It will remain 0% no matter how long you wait, so try the tips and solutions below to fix the issue Windows 10 update stuck at 0 % downloading.

So without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the cream of the article. 

Why Windows 10 Update Stuck at 0

The Windows update stuck at 0% downloading, Windows update not loading, may occur because of several reasons. The first reason for the issue is lag due to overload on random access memory (RAM). Sometimes, the cause is software conflict (pre-existing) that is not checked, until the beginning of Windows updates. Originally, go through the easy tips and later go with the answers to fix the error. Usually, there can be three situations in which you will get this error such as:

1] Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant stuck

Many users reported that during the downloading and installing process of Windows Update, they encountered stuck with various error codes such as 0, 3, 35, 48, 81, 99, etc. Apart from this they have faced error messages like “Windows update stuck at checking for updates”, “Windows update stuck on checking your PC”, “Windows 10 upgrade stuck installing”, “Windows 10 upgrade stuck restarting” and much more.

2] Windows 10 update progress bar is stuck

Though in many cases the available updates get automatically downloaded for the Windows Update for your computer. However, some users reported that Windows Update stuck downloading updates at some point.

3] Windows 10 Update stuck in blue screen

Once the updates have been downloaded successfully, Windows will install these updates and save others to install when you restart your computer. Many users observed a blue screen during this process accompanying an error message “Keep your PC on until this is done. Installing update 3 of 7…

Guide to Fix Windows 10 Update Stuck at 0

After discussing all the issues causing the Windows 10 update stuck at 0, let’s discuss some ways to fix this error.

Fix 1: Do nothing and wait

Sometimes the system is not having any errors, and the system will show the updates stuck at 0% downloading. In such a case, a Restart could help you out in getting rid of this error. Though it is the simplest solution to see but has helped many users. So Restarting your system will fix this kind of errors.

Fix 2: Running Windows Update Troubleshooter

Microsoft Windows Update troubleshooter notifies a user that some problems exist in your system.

Generally, the troubleshooting process takes a few minutes to diagnose your system. At the same time, after detecting the problem, it will automatically repair the problem. This solution is much more effective and easy to follow.

Step 01

Visit the support page of Microsoft.

Step 02

You will find Windows 10 Troubleshooter tool on the support page and download it.

Step 03

The troubleshooter option will have a popup saying, “Apply repairs automatically” – click on it.

Step 04

Run the Troubleshooter. As I stated, the troubleshooter will automatically detect the problem and repair it.

Fix3: Disable All Non-Microsoft Services

This simple solution has worked for many people. Try it. It may fix your issue too.

Follow these steps.

1. Press Win+R (Windows logo key and R key) at the same time. A Run dialog box will open.

2. Type MSConfig in the Run box and click on the OK button.

3. Click the Services tab and check the box next to Hide all Microsoft services.

4. Click Disable all button and click the OK button.

5. Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

6. Launch Windows Update and download the updates again.

Tip: After downloading the updates, open the System Configuration dialog box and enable all disabled services.

Uncheck the box next to Hide all Microsoft services and click Enable all button. Then click the OK button.

Fix 4: Use Anti-virus Software to Scan Your Computer

The problem could be of Trojans. If you have installed anti-virus software on your computer, use it to scan your computer to detect any possible virus.

Fix 5: Disable Windows Defender Firewall Temporarily

Sometimes, the Windows Defender firewall may block Windows update stuck at 0% downloading issue. If so, you need to turn off the Windows firewall till the time you are downloading the updates and then turn it on right once the updates are successfully downloaded and installed. To do so follow these steps:

  • Press Windows+R keys to open the Run box and type firewall.cpl and press Enter. It will open the Windows Defender Firewall window.
  • Now from the left pane, click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.
  • Check the option Turn off Windows Defender Firewall under both Private and Public networking settings.
  • Click OK to save changes.

  • FAQs

    Troubleshooting Tips

    • In case if you are having multiple updates, try to download two or three at a time manually. If this tip is working, follow the same for the rest of the updates to resolve the issue.
    • The Windows have stuck at the particular part of the installation process, press ctrl+alt+delete keys from the keyboard. This command makes your system to go to the login screen of your Windows, log in normally as you would do every time normally. Now, check whether the Windows updates continue to install normally and successfully. Else try with the other tips and solutions.

Conclusion- Windows 10 Update Stuck at 0

So here is the complete guide to fix the “Windows 10 update stuck at 0” error. We hope you get all your doubts clear, and if you have any query left or if we are missing something important, just put it in the comment section. We’ll send a response as soon as possible.

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