9 Easy Ways to Track Lost HP With Whatsapp

There are many chat applications that are starting to enter the world market, but if you are asked to choose the one that is most used, WhatsApp is the answer. In your opinion, currently there is no one who doesn't use this one application, the format from the beginning of its appearance, WhatsApp is just an application. chat occasionally. However, the development of this application is also relatively fast in the world, so its function is not only to be a chat application, but can be used as a tool to track the whereabouts of a lost cell phone. And of course how to track a lost cellphone via WhatsApp can be done, curious? Here are some reviews of ways you can follow.

How to track a lost cellphone using the WhatsApp application

Is generally known that this application now has many additional features, starting from the feature to delete messages, share locations, send image documents and so on, one of the additional features of this application you can use as a tool to track location.

Someone's cellphone Another additional feature that will be used to track a lost cellphone with this application is the location sharing feature, the method is quite simple as long as your signal is strong and tracking can be done quickly. Here's a complete tutorial that you can follow.

First open the WhatsApp application as usual, then after the application is open, look for the contact of the friend you want to track. After that, enter the speech bubble after the conversation is open, click the attachment icon or attach if the cellphone has a paper clip image.

After that several options will appear starting from documents, gallery, camera, audio, location and contacts, then after that you select the location icon that uses the google maps symbol. After that a blind map will appear which will show your location and make sure your position is correct and after you are sure it is correct, immediately click the share current location option.

After getting current location section you will get more contact information and in this box you will be notified that the recipient can receive your shared location and there are two options cancel and continue then select continue option.

Next, a box will appear containing the optional validity period of the shared location, because it is used to track lost cellphones. It's a good idea to choose the longest time offered in the options, which is 8 hours and then press the next icon.

After that, maps will appear that you share in the conversation column. Next, click on the shared location, then in the options box, select the box that says see current location and then the location sent earlier will be visible on the recipient's cellphone and the recipient will automatically know where the current location is, pack it, then just click get directions, then you will be guided by Google maps to be able to get the current location of your friends.

One of the ways to find out someone's location via cellphone number is to use the WhatsApp application, this needs to be underlined, namely checking the location of WhatsApp must be approved by both parties, this is because sharing location also requires the role and approval of the person you want to track. The location of the cellphone, how to track it above is usually done when you want to get together but don't know where to gather and check the current location of a friend who wants to visit the house, while for how to find out a lost cellphone via WA, you can usually use tracking via the HP IMEI or a Google account that is still it's on the phone.

Those are some ways you can do to track a lost cellphone via WhatsApp. May be useful!!

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