Windows Phone News: Nokia officially announced the Nokia Lumia 510 (Video)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nokia officially announced the Nokia Lumia 510 (Video)

We continue to learn about the Nokia Lumia 510, introduced today by Nokia, with an interesting photo gallery and one of the first hands-on video of the device. Nokia Lumia 510 makes no secret of being a device aimed at the entry level and shows a hardware equipment that is similar to that of the Nokia Lumia 610. 
The Nokia Lumia 510 includes 256 MB of RAM and Snapdragon S1 processor. The display has received a slight upgrade compared to that of Lumia 610 (4 "for the Lumia 510, 3.7" in the case of the Lumia 610).

We continue with one of the first hands-on video of the device :

As we have had occasion to observe, the Nokia Lumia 510 will initially be marketed in the Asian region, and then arrive in 2013 in our market. At the time the Windows Phone 7.5 devices within the entry-level and lower-middle are well represented by the Nokia Lumia 610 and after many months since launch, can be purchased at very attractive prices.

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